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Event Excitement: White Mischief’s War of the Worlds Ball
Only 10 days to go until the visionary and venerable White Mischief let us into their land of sci-fi wonderment at the War of the Worlds Ball! White Mischief throw some of the best parties in London, each one incredible, unique and unforgettable. The 2012 Halloween ‘Phantasmagoria’ event had a Victorian poltergeist theme
GypsyPixiePirates on the Starship Rumpus!
Hello! It’s been an absolutely wonderful week for me! Barely had I caught my breath from Antwerp when my twin sis and the family came to stay for the week to celebrate our birthday on Thursday. We marked the occasion with a trip to the Tower of London in the snow
Event Excitement: RUMPUS Aliens Vs Robots
Hardly a week goes past without another great party announcement for us to tell you guys all about, and this one is pretty special because it coincides with my BIRTHDAY! Whoop! The theme for the next Rumpus event, on Friday 5th April, is ‘Aliens Vs Robots’ – we’re thinking Star Trek, Star Wars, The Forbidden