How To Create A Poison Lvy Costume

When a good zombie friend of mine announced that the dressing up theme for his birthday party would be ‘villains’ I rubbed my hands with glee baddie style! It was the perfect opportunity to revive one of my favourite costumes sultry villainess Poison Ivy, Batman’s hottest nemesis.The good thing about this costume choice is that there are many incarnations of Poison Ivy and so many ways you can adapt the look to suit your body shape and taste. My costume consists of my dark green velvet corset jazzed up with artificial ivy leaves sewn along the bustline, dark green tights, gym pants and elbow length green gloves which I also decorated with leaves. I found some amazing matching deep green shoe boots with pointed toes in my local Oxfam for £4! If you didn’t want an outfit so risqué you could wear a green dress instead, or if you want to flash the flesh even more you could wear a nude bodysuit with trailing ivy tacked in appropriate spots! I recommend a google image search for inspiration, there are some brilliant Poison Ivy cosplayers out thereBargain shoes!

Ivy is a redhead so don’t forget to dress up your hair! Even though my hair is reddish now (actually I recently dyed it orange!) I wore my long, curly red wig for a dramatic look.My favourite portrayal of Poison Ivy is Uma Thurman in the film Batman & Robin. It’s a complete cheese fest but Uma is stunning in her beautifully detailed costumes and makeup, especially the incredible leafy mask-like eyebrows she wears. This is how I made my own version of those iconic eye pieces, they are easy to create and look fantastic:

You will need:

A small sheet of green foam (around 75p from a craft shop)

Artificial ivy leaves

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Scrap paper, pencil and scissors

Green gems (optional)


Firstly, look up images online to get an idea of the shape and size of the eyepieces and sketch them out on paper. Cut this out and try it against your eye. Make adjustments till youre happy with the paper version, it took me a few attempts. You only need one paper stencil, as you can flip it around to use for the other eye!

Once you have your paper shape, hold it on the foam sheet and trace around it. Then cut out the foam shape. Repeat this step so you have one for each eye. It is helpful at this point to mark left and right on the back of each piece so you know which eye it is for and which side to decorate.

Cover the front surface of your eyepiece with artificial ivy leaves, stick them with hot glue. If your leaves have a stiff plastic stem on the back you should be able to easily pull this off so you end up with only material. You can overlap the leaves to fill in any gaps, and trim the edges so they line up with the foam shape. Do this for both eye pieces.

Once the glue is dry and you are happy with your ivy base, you can decorate them however you like. I used a few green gems stuck with hot glue. Bit fiddly this, so use tweezers so you don’t burn yourself! You could also use glitter if you want extra sparkle.

That’s it! You attach them to your face using a good false eyelash glue, be sure to put them on skin with no makeup or they might come unstuck.

For the rest of the makeup, you can go as simple or elaborate as you like. This time I went for a glittery green eyeshadow with red liner underneath the eye, and a bright red lipstick. On another occasion I followed this excellent YouTube tutorial (in three parts) from anaarthur81 and had more stylised makeup and glittery, lacy eyepieces.

My first Poison Ivy makeup

Whatever version of Poison Ivy you come up with, remember to channel her seductive vixen charms and confidence and you will no doubt have a fabulous time!

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