Pin It Forward UK pretty pretty Pinterest!

About a year ago, my sister told me about her new favourite thing to do online, collecting ‘pins’ on a site called Pinterest, kind of an online scrapbook for gathering images and videos on ‘boards’. I shrugged at first, another day, another social network I thought, but I signed up and sure enough I was soon as addicted as she was! I couldnt do without it!
Pin It Forward UK 2013

‘Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love.’

People use Pinterest for anything from planning trips, collecting recipes, craft ideas, wedding inspiration… anything you can think of! Being as obsessed with fancy dress and costume as I am, I most often use Pinterest to create ‘mood boards’, collecting outfit ideas and inspiration for upcoming events. They range from general, such as my ‘This is Halloween’ board containing a whole range of brilliant spooky and gothic images, to the very specific, for example my ‘Off to the Goblin King’s Ball’ board was for that event. It resulted in a costume that was unique, taking my favourite bits and pieces from each image. Another favourite board is ‘Real-life GypsyPixiePirates in action’ where Emma and I upload pictures of our own outfits, hoping to pass on the inspiration!

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