GypsyPixiePirates at the magical Make Believe Festival: Part Two

Since the Make Believe Festival consisted of two consecutive nights of incredible events and double the dressing up fun, Donna, Megan and I decided to make a girls weekend of it too, we woke up remarkably early on Saturday morning considering the fun that had been had at Clockwork Underworld on Friday night (we kept dancing till the lights came on!). We headed to Reilly Rocket, my favourite Dalston café, for some brunch to fortify us for the Goblin King’s Ball. The rest of the day was spent watching spooky movies while Megan put together her stunning shell headpiece to finish off her costume. Crafts + movies + tea and cake = a splendid Saturday afternoon!
The costumes and makeup:
Megan and I went to the Ball last year, when it was held at the Old Vic Tunnels. I knew the standard of costumes was going to be incredibly high so this year I’d put a lot of thought into my costume and was excited to put it all together, I especially adored my magpie wing headpiece and long green wig. Saying that, the time spent planning didn’t include making my skirt, we left that till the last minute! With help from Donna, we made my gorgeous poofy ballgown-like skirt with nothing but a roll of black duct tape and some poundshop binbags! It took five minutes and has to be one of my favourite fancy dress ideas so far, look out for a tutorial coming soon! I also wore a dark green velvet corset from my collection, a black lace bolero and a feather collar. I used the Dangerous Palette from Urban Decay for my makeup, the colours ‘haight’ and ‘mildew’ were perfect, and brightened them up with a dab of Barry M dazzle dust in ‘95’. I’d whitened my face with Ben Nye super white face powder from Screenface in Covent Garden, it is a saviour for the rosy-cheeked! I found my perfect shade of deep purple lipstick, Sleek makeup’s true colour lipstick in Mulberry – out of stock in some places but I found it in my local Paks at Ridley Road Market along with some fluttery false eyelashes for 99p!
Donna had made a lot of last minute changes to her costume, her little handmade horns wouldn’t stick on with spirit gum so she stuck them to a hat instead! She abandoned the tutu she’d made in favour of a blue dress to wear under her midnight blue corset, and she even decided not to wear the wig she brought along! I thought her costume looked brilliant, like a twenties flapper bad faerie! The black feathered wings and super long pointy ears were really effective, as did her stylised gothic blue makeup, I loved it!
I had SERIOUS corset envy over Megan’s beautiful Sea Nymph costume! Along with the headpiece bejewelled with pearls, shells and a little octopus, she wore a scarf made from fishing net (and did indeed manage to catch a few people in it that evening, accidentally!) and a fabulous green sparkly corset with a bright seaweed green tutu and satiny halter neck – again it was really original and stunning!
As I imagined, the guests of the Goblin King were dressed to the nines, it was like stepping into a really trippy episode of Game of Thrones crossed with Labyrinth – there were beautiful people sporting horns, masks, flowers and wings shimmying in the crowd. I adore people who use these events to get creative and crafty so loved the handmade key crowns and jewellery one lovely couple wore. Far and away the best outfit of the evening was the remarkable Cecile as a purple fantasy vampire princess complete with unicorn horn, wobbly dragon in her purple hair and a moving little unicorn puppet that delighted us! I bow down to Queen Cecile of amazing outfits!
The events:
The first thing we noticed was how much busier the Goblin King’s Ball was compared with Friday’s event! The décor had been slightly switcherooed to resemble a goblin city, the painted signs saying things like ‘Hooman meat piez’ made us chuckle! The airship had been replaced by a scary-looking but brilliantly made giant angler fish, and a gruesome goblin feast sat in one corner. In the little hut at the end of the bar were some cool and creepy art installations from Curious Oddities including the ‘forgotten empress’ – a animatronic little demon baby in a pram that wiggled and cried when you got close, really impressive! There was a truly other-worldly atmosphere to the courtyard.
Similarly to the Friday evening there were some wonderful walk around actors in varying degrees of gruesomeness, who did a brilliant job of transporting you into the fantasy world. Because it was so busy we didn’t get to see as much of them, but spotted a table of goblin folk at the back of the room and persuaded some to pose for a picture (tongues out of course!). Our favourite performance again was the life sized creature puppet walking around in the crowd. Although he (or she, not sure!) is moved by a puppeteer it completely doesn’t register as you’re so taken in by the movements the creature bows, blinks, loves getting fuss and looks around like it has a life of its own, can I please keep him for a pet?!
The party (or maybe just us?!) fizzled out by 2ish and we made it home pretty early, so the next day Donna and I did manage to drag our partied-out selves along to the Sunday Make Believe Market. Rum Buffalo were performing when we arrived, along with ‘The Men’ they were my favourite band of the whole festival, shame they didn’t get the bigger audience they deserved. We didn’t stay long, as we didn’t find the promised food stalls and our tummies were grumbling, but there were lots of pretties to be had, sadly many of them completely out of my price range but still a treat for the eyes and something to lust after! I did treat myself to some cute as a button fox ears and a tail from Made by Bex, I want to wear them all the time! Donna bought a pretty print from the talented Amie Dearlove’s Art Your Heart Out. There were some intricate and beautiful fascinators on the Professor Maelstromme stall. My most drooled over object was definitely the heart pendant by Strange Loop Jewellery, a model heart bleeding strings of red jewels, wowzers! Sadly at £300 it didn’t come home with me, maybe one day! A full list of the sellers can be found
All in all I had an entertaining and inspiring weekend with plenty of magical moments, this event is truly original and unlike anything else you will encounter in London, it is a lovechild of theatre, art and fantasy with a huge dose of fun thrown in. I would go again next time, but perhaps keep my fingers crossed for a night off between parties?! Oh boy, I’m getting old