Fancy Dress Style Nail Art

Ever wanted to take your fancy dress outfit that one step further? Well you dont need to just focus on going mad with accessories, think about those digits too! With the popularity of nail art across the world nowadays, we all have the ability to take our outfits and fancy dressin that step furtherso its time to NAIL ART IT UP PEOPLE!

So get those nail varnish pots, gems and paint-brushes at the ready! Were going to get our creative pants on today.

I got thinking about nail art the other day when I was thinking about what to wear for SS Atlantica a 1930s boat party we went to on Saturday. And it got me thinking about how much I would have loved to have donned cute nautical nails. I mean how cute are these?But as we all know, nail art is a time-consuming effort but boy oh boy is it worth it! I think its amazing what a little bit of artistic flair can do for you! Going that extra mile will make everyone not only compliment your outfit but also those exquisite finger flairs! Its fun to go all out with these things we say!

I also quite liked these designs to go with a 1930s styleI mean cmon, Dita always gets it right
As you saw last week Becca uses her artistic flair to get crafty and created a wonderful Baroque headpiece for the ball on Saturday.aint she a little genius? And my friend Jessica from Jurassica Explains It All decorated these beautiful false nails for me for my birthdayso if youre crafty you really can take your costumes to a whole new level, it really is all about those little touches kids.I mean how amazing are those bad boys?! Let me tell you, they looked all kinds of awesome and I got so many compliments when people noticed them. They would be perfect for a macabre fancy dress affair I say. So I really recommend getting in touch with Jess if you would love some custom fancy dress themed nails or anything else crafty and fun.I adore the Rocky Horror nailsI think next time I work my stockings and feather boa to the theatre to see it, Ive got to try and recreate those nails. I also think the dirty Exorcist type yellowed nails are very effective for a halloween/spooky party. Very clever indeed. And dont even talk to me about those Wizard Of Oz nails.swoooooon!

I also am loving all the Disney nails.you cant beat a bit of Disney love! If I was going down the panto Cinderella look, those are the nails Id want.So as we have Gala Nocturna in Belgium coming up this Saturday (SQUEEE!), I started thinking about what I could do nail-wise for a religious-themed renaissance ball. What do you think about these?

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