10 Ways to sneak fancy dress into everyday life

10 Ways to sneak fancy dress into everyday life

In my dreams, people go about their everyday lives in a whole array of costumes. Postmen dressed as astronauts, bus drivers sporting animal onsies, teachers in ballgowns and tiaras and the like. But sadly, our status as grown-ups and the expectations of society mean we are usually stuck with dull dress codes, uninspiring uniforms and everyday outfits. Never fear! Here are my top ten tips for including a little bit of fancy dress fabulousness everyday…

1)      Start your day the fancy dress way – slip on some furry animal slippers when you wake up in the morning. Got out of the wrong side of bed? No problem – just slip on your monster feet. Hopped out from under the duvet? Bunny slippers are for you!

Royal Slippers

The Royals show you how its done! Image c/o monsterslippers.co.uk

2)      Rock a vintage style outfit – perhaps a fifties style flared skirt or pinstripe jacket for the guys? How about a cute beaded cape Great Gatsby style over an everyday dress?

Emma & Freya go vintage!

Emma & Freya go vintage!

3)      Make-up is a fantastic creative outlet if you are allowed to wear it to work. Why not get inspiration from your favourite Avenger, like in this pin on our ‘Paint Your Face’ Pinterest board? I have glitter mixed in to one half of my Vaseline lip balm tin – you know, just in case…


Wearing glitter as clothing? Why not? You can never have too much! Photography by Evelyn Murphy

4)      If you can’t change your clothes or make-up, how about fancy dressin’ up your hair? Add a bit of Hollywood glam with diamante slides. Even a cocktail umbrella popped in your ponytail from a sneaky lunchtime drink can make you feel all wakiki wonderful! Crown and Glory make some dreamy accessories from flower headbands to glitter bows. Emma is such a fan she’s been known to wear several at once!

Audrey Tautou in Priceless

Audrey Tautou overdoes the cocktail umbrella thing a bit…. from the movie Priceless

5)      Hats are woefully underworn these days, unless it gets snowy and cold and suddenly everyone is tea-cosied up to the max! I say let’s bring headwear back to the forefront. I want to see bowler hats back on the streets of London! Or bunny ears. Preferably bunny ears. You can see how much Emma loves hats, she did a whole post about her collection! Check out the fabulous creations at Pearls and Swine… swoon!

6)      Wear some beautiful shoes. If I had Dorothy’s ruby slippers I would wear them every day. Guys, what is not to love about pirate boots? Set a new office trend!

Ruby Slipper style

Ruby Slipper style
image c/o rocknrollbride.com

7)      A lot of my inspiration comes from movies. I adore films almost as much as dressing up! But not all characters have way-out clothing. You could be an elegant Hepburn and not look at all out of place at work. In the chilly weather I’m partial to wearing a stripy woolly Doctor Who scarf (showing my age there, the Doctor is all about bow ties these days…)


8)      Add a bit of pizazz and sparkle with jewellery – channel your inner Carmen Miranda with a fruity inspired pendant, or have a spooky goth day with black beads or skull pendants. We adore Tatty Devine, and Spitalfields Market has some fab quirky jewellery stands.

Fun Jewellery

Fun Jewellery selection from luckypretty.blogspot.co.uk

9)      For the braver amongst you, head to your favourite pub with your favourite people, and draw/ stick on a fake moustache. Have a fake tash pub bash! I promise you it will be fun.

10)      When you get home from a hard day of fabulousness – Onsies. It’s a slippery slope of cosiness that I have yet to venture down. I worry I would never leave the house again! If I do ever go there, I will get this brilliant owl one…

Owl Kigu

Owl Kigu! Available at http://www.kigu.co.uk

So what do you think? Time to add a bit of everyday sparkle and fancy dress to your life? Let us know how you get on, and if you have any other stealth fancy dress ideas please leave a comment!

Love and cosy onsies, Becca Xx

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