Event Excitement – Gala Nocturna: The Pope’s Daughter in ANTWERP!

Apologies first of all for the lack of posts, we’ve been busy little bees of late and I’m just back from the heaven of a Jane Austen-themed Hen weekend in beautiful Cornwall (which I will tell you all about soon) and the hell of an essay deadline rapidly approaching, eek! But I just couldn’t wait to tell you about our last minute, awesomely exciting adventure we have planned for the Easter weekend
Emma and I will be hopping on a Eurolines coach and heading to Antwerp in Belgium to attend the 7th Gala Nocturna – an amazing neo-romantic ball held in a stunning Baroque church in the city centre! And if it’s not BAROQUE, don’t FIX IT as Cogsworth would say!Gala Nocturna is run by photographer Viona Ielegems of Viona Art, who takes beautiful fairytale inspired pictures complete with elaborate costumes. I have always adored her vision so can’t wait to see it turned into reality for a night! The theme is ‘The Pope’s Daughter’ , a revival of Vatican renaissance, and guests are required to make MUCHO effort with their costumes, the effect is breathtaking judging from pictures of past events but not a little intimidating! We will be keeping you informed of our outfit progress, stay tuned

The evening will be filled with entertainment, music and dancing including lessons in historical dance (we’d better not pack our two left feet!). The guests of honour are fantasy artist Brom and his wife Laurie Lee. Entertainment includes an ‘eccentric show of fallen angels’, hey- no-one asked us to appear?! I’m personally quite excited by the absinthe bar, bring on the green fairy…

Antwerp is, I must admit, not a place I’ve really thought about visiting, but I’ve been reading up and it seems to be a bit of a hip destination. Hopefully we’ll have time for a spot of sightseeing and plenty of that famous Belgian chocolate, waffles and beer!

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